Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mama would be proud :)

Let's be honest here, I grew up with more guy friends than girl friends. That's how I learned how to shoot so darn good :) LOL! Seriously though, I'm known as the Annie Oakly of my day...I'm that good...HaHa!!!
Anyways, so DJ and I went shooting today and I kicked his booty!!! I would shoot everyday if I could. It's such a good stress reliver and it's SOOO much fun. DJ got me a new gun for Christmas this year. A Remington 870 Express, 12 guage. It's pretty sweet!

DJ got him self a new toy too. Taurus .45 pistol, it's one hardcore little handgun!

So basically, Kailey + Shotgun + Pistol = Watch Out, I didn't miss a single target today :)


  1. Look at you bloggin' it up!!! Aunt Keli is proud of that! Now the whole gun, Annie Oakley thing..not so much! Girl, step away from that pistol! Just kiddn'! But it does kinda make me nervous! I love country girls and you are one of the cutest!!! xo

  2. Umm "I didn't miss a single target TODAY" Emphasis on today makes mama a little nervous. :) We haven't seen DJ in awhile...hmmm

    Cute blogging daughter dear.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I am so jealous!! I've shot some of my dad's guns a few times = fun times!
    My mom is still saying she's going to get a hand gun permit.. I can SO see her carrying one!

  4. Hey Kailey! I LOVE your blog!! You are a girl after my own heart. I love to shoot too and am not half bad myself. :) I also have a pic of me and a bunch of friends standing up on the backs of our horses! You ROCK cowgirl! :) Ang


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